Check Out Chrysler’s UConnect Infotainment System!!

Chrysler’s UConnect infotainment system is Part app integration system and part telematics system. The UConnect Access app can communicate with the vehicle via a wireless 3G connection built into the car for functions such as remote engine start and door lock control. When paired with a Bluetooth connection, the new Via Mobile functionality enables users to stream audio from a variety of Internet audio services and apps using the paired smartphone’s data connection. Slacker is one of those apps, allowing users to steam hundreds of DJ-curated stations on demand. iHeartRadio is another app supported by UConnect. This app allows users to stream thousands of partnered terrestrial radio stations from around the country over the Internet. So if you’d got a favorite local radio station in your hometown, you can keep listening even if you move across the country. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. For those of you who are Pandora listeners, Pandora Radio has recently announced that the Chrysler Group has integrated its music-streaming service into the Uconnect Access platform as well. Additionally, the UConnect system also allows users to search Bing for destinations via voice command and use the built-in 3G data connection as a Wi-Fi hot spot. Most importantly, UConnect promotes safe driving! When it detects that the vehicle is in motion, it locks out the interface, forcing the driver to use the less-distracting dashboard interface.

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